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"Firstly, I am a wildlife photographer. I love animals that live in the coldest and most hostile environments, such as our mountains and the northern Forests. The animals have charmed me since I was a kid. I feel a strong empathy, respect and a particular connection with them."

Interview of Andrea Zampatti, Nature Photographer who collaborated with AKU for the NATURÆ reviews, with a photo exhibition. In his work, Andrea uses AKU boots: “I wear SuperAlp NBK LTR. SuperAlp are exceptional boots; I wear them for photographic trekkings over several days with big loads on my shoulders, crossing environments and land of various types, from the alpine bog to the forest to the high altitude mountains. I particularly appreciate their comfort and stability even on rough terrain ".

Welcome Andrea. Please can you give us a definition of “Nature Photography”?
It’s not easy to define what Nature Photography is, because nowadays it is evolving and changing in various expressions, but I can try to explain to you what Nature Photography is for me. In my opinion, photographing nature firstly means personal experience and aesthetic research, with the objective of sharing natural beauties that we can enjoy. Earth is changing very quickly and every day we lose a piece of these wonders.
I’m sure that showing people all of these beauties is the most powerful way to sensitize them to respecting and saving it.

What are your main topics on Nature Photography? Instead, what are the most demanded ones by editors/companies?
Firstly, I am a wildlife photographer. I love animals that live in the coldest and most hostile environments, such as our mountains and the northern Forests.The animals have charmed me since I was a kid. I feel a strong empathy, respect and a particular connection with them. In Italy, there’s not a high demand of nature photos; magazines that write about them are few and far between. You cannot support yourself doing this job in our country (selling Nature photos).

Internationally renowned photographer Paola Agosti says, “Every photographer writes his/her autobiography through what he/she produces.” What can we read in Andrea’s bio?
I fully agree with Paola’s statement. I don’t take photos with the purpose to sell them. My images are the perfect reflection of my personality and my passions. Photographing nature is an easier and more appropriate way to describe who I am and what I love.

What is a key word that recognizes your work?
“Experience” is a word that sums up all of my photographic work, but it’s definitely a lifestyle. I’m dependent on experiences, which I consider the best teachings I’ve ever had. Taking photos is not the desire to bring home a lot of beautiful pictures, but it is the desire to bring home memories, beautiful or less beautiful, that will guide me for the rest of my life. Photography is a way to keep in touch with the nature that I love, as much as possible.

You dedicate part of your time to teaching. What would you like to bring home to those who attend your workshop?
I would like those who take part in my workshops, journeys or courses, first of all to take home the enthusiasm and love for what they do and for what they photograph. I don’t give a lot of relevance to the photographic technique (but of course you have to know it a bit!), instead I try to transmit to the participants my passion, trying to direct them to express themselves through emotions that they experience on the field and not lose unique moments for a photo.

What advice would you give to those who want to approach the world of nature photography?
You should walk a lot in nature, try to understand and live it as much as possible. You should pause more to listen and observe instead of watching the camera menu.

Could you provide three practical tips for those who want to take good outdoor photos?
You should look at beautiful photos that have a high-level photographic culture, try to understand how those photos are taken, buy great masters of natural photography books and acquire their vision, don’t look just at photos that are available on social media!
You should focus on what you like, dedicate as much time to it as possible, until you’re fully satisfied of the results reached.
You should study your subject, where you can find it, how to approach them, how to capture it in the better way. Try to understand its habits and movements. Only in this way, you can catch its true spirit.

Who is Andrea Zampatti?

Andrea Zampatti was born in 1985 in Brescia (Italy). Since he was a kid, he was an animals and nature enthusiast. He started photographing natural beauties during his high studies. The ethical and emotional involvement is an essential aspect of Andrea’s photography. His growth is a real way of life, made of study, respect and desire to record for sharing. After a patient and friendly challenge with the subject, capturing an animal became desire of knowledge, conservation of the fragile and fascinating bio-diversity that allows human to stand yet.
Professional photographer since 2011, he’s a winner of numerous national and international photographic contests. He started dedicating himself to the Italian mountains and then to the cold lands in the Earth, with particular dedication and passion to the European Great North.

Facebook: Andrea Zampatti Wildlife Photography
Instagram: Andrea Zampatti

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